Knob & Tube Rewiring

Many homes built before the 1950’s had knob & tube wiring. Whether you have this type of wiring in your home or not can be determined by having an electrical inspection of your house done by the expert staff from Elite Electric Inc.  Sometimes knob and tube wiring is not easily visible.  You may gain some insight by looking at your electrical outlets and switches.  You  may only have two prong receptacles (plugs) to plug into.  No ground at your receptacles also means that you may have knob and tube wiring present.  Also, if you have older push-button switches, this is a sign that you may have knob and tube.

These days, homeowners with knob and tube wiring may find it difficult or impossible to obtain insurance on their home.  Insurance companies are reluctant to insure a house they perceive as risky.  If your house contains knob and tube, insurance companies require a certificate of inspection and compliance from a licensed electrician that all knob and tube has been removed or bypassed and replaced with modern three wire grounded circuits before they will provide insurance for the house.  After the electrician rewires your house, they give you a satisfactory assessment, and the insurance company will consider providing insurance on the home.

If you live in New Jersey and would like to have your house inspected for knob and tube, or you know your house has knob and tube and you need it removed, give us a call today.